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Despite the Strike, Filing your Tax on Time is Important!


Even though the CRA is dealing with a strike by public sector workers, you must still file your Canadian income tax on time to avoid penalties and interest charges. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of filing your Canadian income tax on time and the penalties you may be subject to if you are late.

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Preparing Your Records For the 2022 Tax Season


Streamlining the process of filing your tax returns for 2022 is easily done through proper planning. By taking the time to prepare your records you can speed up the procedure of receiving a refund and reduce the cost of services provided by your accountant or tax preparer as they work to meet the filing deadline.  

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How Can I Save on My Accounting Fees?


If you want to reduce the expense of accounting fees in your business, the great news is that saving money in this area is often quite easy for many owners. The most important point is that you must ensure your records are complete and organized.

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