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Business Consulting

We gauge our worth by the personal and business successes of our clients. We can help your business identify areas negatively affecting profitability and growth and develop solutions that are practical and technically sound. In addition to acting as a sounding board for management, we provide comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting your business.

Many businesses:

  • Start with a small working capital and require help from outside sources to grow (i.e. banks, trust companies, private loans).
  • A lending party usually requests a business loan when there is a need for a business loan.
  • Business loans can look complicated for someone who is not in a financial services business.

Your plan should include the activities you are planning to take control of your business. These activities might include:

  • Sales
  • New customer contacts
  • New product lines
  • Lower cost of sales
  • Different customer service activities, etc.

In the first year of your business plan, your goals are set without the discipline of having tried to meet goals, so it will be a learning process. It will become clear that real meat in a business plan approach is not the setting of goals but:

  • Identifying the barriers to change
  • Designing tactics to affect the results you want
  • Listing the activities to make the tactics work

We can help you make the business plans look easy and by working together with you we can put your mind into numbers, helping you to communicate your plans with the lenders.

Please call us at 416-318-6789 or contact us nam.tran@tncpa.ca to find out how we can help.