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Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping

TN CPA Professional accounting provides reliance giving you the financial intelligence you rely on to make informed financial decisions. Compliance ensures the things that need to be done get done. TN CPA Professional provides timely, actionable financial intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

Accounting system

We consult you set up the best cloud accounting system for your business including:

  • Cloud accounting software and supporting applications that fit your bookkeeping demand
  • Chart of accounts to truly reflect your business transactions
  • Tax rates that suite your activities registered with Tax Authorities

Revenue management

  • We help you create a list of all your products and services in your accounting system.
  • We also help you create invoices with your favorite template and agreed payment terms sending to your clients.

Expenses categorization

  • We help you categorize your vendors and their bills into proper expenses accounts to best monitor your investment and expenditure.


  • How many bank accounts, credit cards, merchandise accounts such as Paypal, Amazon, Shopify, Stripe, etc do you have?
  • We will ensure all transactions in those accounts are accurately recorded in your books and their balances are updated between the statements and General Ledgers.

Accounts receivable/Accounts payable

  • Do your customers and vendors require to reconcile their balances with you regularly? With our assistance, these tasks are managed and will no longer worry you.
  • We provide a detailed reconciliation of all billing and payments during the whole year to make sure there is no discrepancy between your books and your business partners.


  • We assist you in preparing and filing all tax returns with the government on time and precisely. This includes payroll source deduction, HST, GST, PST, WSIB, EHT, etc.


  • We offer an automated process to make sure your employees are paid timely and accurately every period and payroll source deduction is remitted timely to CRA.

Financial Reports

  • Based on your business demands, we offer regular financial reporting packages to help you manage your business professionally and effectively.

To move into more modern methods of managing your accounting needs, call us at 416-318-6789 or email us nam.tran@tncpa.ca for a free, no-obligation consultation.