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Income Tax Filings

Have TN CPA Professional handle your Income Tax preparation and filling done timely, accurately and professionally.

Personal Income Tax (T1)

  • Streamline and report your incomes slips properly, T3, T4, T4A, T5, T 5013, etc
  • Self-employed incomes report, T2125
  • Rental incomes report, T776
  • Maximize your family tax benefits: Childcare benefits, Working Income Tax benefits, Carbon tax, Trillium Benefits, etc
  • Tax residents and Non-residents. The tax treaty between Canada and other countries
  • Capital gain/(loss) report for Property investment and Securities investments

Business Income Tax (T2)

  • We help you create a list of all your products and services in your accounting system.
  • We also help you create invoices with your favorite template and agreed payment terms sending to your clients.

Expenses categorization

  • Review to make sure your sales, expenses, and profits are accurately filed with Tax Authority
  • Provide you with valuable advice for tax compliance and tax saving
  • Assist you in opening/closing Payroll account and GST account

Please call us at 416-318-6789 or contact us nam.tran@tncpa.ca to find out how we can help.